Underwriting with WZBT 91.1 FM

As a noncommercial educational radio station, WZBT cannot derive any revenue through traditional media advertising, nor are we able to sell airtime to any for-profit entity.  Instead, we must rely on donations and sponsorships in the form of underwriting.  All donations to WZBT are tax deductible, and your support goes directly to the station, allowing WZBT to continue its diverse programming and host local events, such as concerts and other extended outreach efforts.

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Underwriting is not an advertisement; it is a prerecorded acknowledgment of a sponsorship, one that names and generally describes the contributing party or donor.  Underwriting announcements must by FCC mandate be value neutral; they identify and describe a business, service, or event and contain no call to action language found in commercial radio advertising.
  • Connects your business with a local audience
  • Supplements your traditional advertising platforms and reach
  • Your underwriting sponsorship helps to support WZBT and its programming
WZBT will work with underwriters on drafting copy for underwriting spots.  In all messaging, we can list up to 3 services or products that your organization offers, and the spots can contain only two of the following:  phone number, physical location, web address.  A sound bed (i.e. background music) is permissible, but music for sound beds cannot contain lyrics or sound effects, and there can be no other special vocal or sound-effects related treatments contained within the spot.  While we will consider an underwriter’s suggestions for the sound-bed music, the final decision will be made by WZBT.
Underwriting packages are available throughout the entire year and are available in six or twelve month airtime options.  WZBT will perform all copywriting, preproduction, and airing of the underwriting announcement, working with each client throughout the entire process before scheduled airdates.  Because of FCC restrictions, underwriting spots cannot exceed thirty seconds – a twenty-second average message is preferable.
The price for underwriting support to WZBT for six months is $200.  Our full year package is $300.  For more information on Underwriting with WZBT, please contact us via our form on the contact page.

Current WZBT 91.1 FM Underwriting Partners

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